Thursday, 13 March 2008

Tyees Sign Southpaw

[Victoria Colonist, Feb. 17, 1953]
Victoria Tyees will have a second Negro southpaw this season. He is Zebediah (Zeb) Walker, former UCLA star signed as a free agent by manager Cec Garriott.
Walker is 22 years old, stands six feet talk and weighs 170 pounds. Garriott attempted to sign him last season after his discharge from the army, but he went to Tucson and played in the Arizona-Texas League. His record is not yet available.
Walker’s signing was announced yesterday by Tyee business manager Reg Patterson, who also reported that Sam Gabarino, now general manager of the Portland Beabers, has guaranteed that Ron Bottler will be returned to the Tyees to assume the No. 1 catching duties.

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