Thursday, 13 March 2008

Caps Back With Rainiers

Caps Get Working Agreement with Seattle, Pitchers, Too
The Vancouver Province Sports Editor [Tue., Feb. 17, 1953]
SEATTLE—Dewey Soriano, general manager of the Vancouver baseball entry in the Western International League, Monday completed a working agreement with Seattle’s Coast League Rainiers.
Soriano did a further stroke of business, obtaining two right-handed pitchers on option from the Rainiers. One of these, Van Fletcher, is a returnee to the Caps. The other, Bob Stewart, was with Idaho Falls last season.
According to the Capilanos’ front office boss the working agreement deal is more important than it might seem. In the past the Caps and the Rainiers have worked on a verbal agreement basis. Soriano said this is the first time it has been officially recorded on paper with the proper authorities.
The Capilanos will perforce have first choice or first refusal, as it may be, on anyone the Rainiers let go now, he stated.
Van Fletcher, the returning pitcher, packs the best earned run average of any pitcher now the property of the Capilanos.
Stewart is a six-foot, two-inch 21-year-old.
His record at Idaho Falls was poor last season—won one, lost three. However, he didn’t have too much of a chance, as once a week he had to return to Seattle for a day’s army routine because of part time army training scheme under which he came.

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