Monday, 10 March 2008

Tri-City Meeting Planned

Group Calls Organizational Meeting
Pledge Sheets Also Called in By Matheson

[Tri-City Herald, Sept. 19, 1952]
The Tri-City Athletic Association has called for all present bond and stock holders, those who have signed pledges and others interested in the purchase of the Tri-City Baseball Club to meet Monday.
The time and place has not been set but those interested will be notified.
The meeting is being called to discuss the proposed organizational get-up. Plans will be made for the special Western International League meeting Sept. 29.
Harold Matheson, president of the association, also announced that all pledge sheets should be turned in immediately to a member of the association's board. The sheets can also be mailed to Matheson at Box 767, Pasco.
After the sheets are called in, the results will be tabulated by the association at present, there is about $15,000 known to be pledged.
Meanwhile at Spokane, Roy Hotchkiss reportedly predicted Thursday that Calgary and Edmonton, Alta. will be members of the league next year.
The Associated Press quoted him as saying it is necessary to put teams in the two cities if the WIL is to improve dropping attendance. He didn't say who would be placed but the rumors are that it would be Tri-City or Wenatchee.
However, athletic association members who have contacted Hotchkiss report that Hotchkiss denies saying anything about moving franchises to Canada.
The Spokane Chronicle said Hotchkiss lost $35,000 this year. The team drew more than 100,000 at the gate.
And at Yakima, the San Francisco Seals parent organization of the club there, offered to sell their 75 per cent interest in the Bears at a reasonable figure. The announcement was made by Frederick Mercy, president of the Bears. Mercy owns the other 25 per cent of the club.
He said he would like to have other Yakima men associated in the club and "I think they are giving the matter serious consideration.”
He is negotiating with Damon Miller, business manager of the Seals.

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