Monday, 10 March 2008

Calgary & Edmonton Closer

Spokes Owner Predicts Prairie Cities in WIL
SPOKANE, Sept. 18—The owner of the Spokane Indians baseball club predicted Thursday that Calgary and Edmonton will be members of the Class A Western International League next season.
Roy Hotchkiss said it is necessary to put league teams in the two Canadian cities if the WIL is to improve dropping attendance.
Hotchkiss’ announcement came as a complete surprise as he had been a leading opponant to previous attempt to give the Prairie cities franchises.
Victoria, Vancouver, Salem and Yakima are reported to be in favor of the new setup and Lewiston is not expected to voice an objection. Tri-City and Wenatchee, which suffered drastic financial losses this season, are rumored to be the clubs which will be replaced.
League directors will meet in Seattle a week from tomorrow to discuss possible changes.
If Edmonton and Calgary should replace Tri-City and Wenatchee, it would divide the W.I.L. into four territorial divisions—Victoria and Vancouver; Edmonton and Calgary; Spokane and Lewiston, and Salem and Yakima.
Hotchkiss reported a $35,000 loss at Spokane this year. The Indians, usual leaders at the gate, drew slightly more than 100,000—a drop of 40,000—this year.

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