Monday, 10 March 2008

Ducey Says WIL Poses Problems

Prairie Cities Prepared to Enter W.I.L. Baseball
EDMONTON, Sept. 19—Edmonton and Calgary baseball moguls are interested in catching berths in the Western International Baseball League.
“Calgary and Edmonton are pretty well agreed the step we want to make is to the Western International,” said John Ducey, lessee of Renfrew Park and long-time aspirant for an Edmonton franchise in organized baseball.
“But first of all, certain geographical problems would have to be ironed out,” Ducey said. “If we can’t see our way clear to go into that league, then we’ll revive the old Calgary-Edmonton Big Four for one year. Eventually, though, it’s our intention to move into organized ball.”
This year the two cities had their own district senior leagues, the winners playing off for the Alberta arc-light championship.
Yesterday, owner Roy Hotchkiss of the Spokane club of the W.I.L. predicted that Calgary and Edmonton would be members of the class “A” circuit next season.
The Spokane Chronicle said rumors are that Tri-City and Wenatchee may be dropped to make room for them. It is understood that Ducey means Tri.City, Wenatchee and Lewiston when he refers to “certain geographical problems.”
Ducey now is in Great Falls, Mont., to see some playoff games of the class “C” Pioneer League, in which he has also shown previous interest.
“Alberta certainly is prepared for class A baseball and it would be great for both Edmonton and Calgary, although I’m only speaking for the foothills city, to have an opportunity to play in the Western International League,” said Sam Timmins of Calgary’s Buffalo Park.
He pointed out that Alberta is ready to boost the standard of baseball for diamond supporters and it should give the game a tremendous following.

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