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Abel's Alberta Trek

Abel and Brown to Scout Alberta WIL Expansion
CALGARY, Oct. 4, 1952—Baseball mogul Harold Cundal has announced he has received word that a delegation representing the Western International League will be in Calgary soon to discuss the possible entry of Calgary and Edmonton in the W.I.L.
The West Coast delegation will meet with Cundal and Sam Timmins of Calgary and John Ducey of Edmonton. It is then to report back to a W.I.L. meeting November 11.
Cundal said the delegation will include Robert Abel of Tacoma, Wash., president of the W.I.L., Reg Patterson, general manager of the Victoria club; and Bob Brown, president and general manager of the Vancouver Capilanos.
Cundal, Timmins and Ducey have been making enquiries for the last few months about the possibilities of Calgary and Edmonton obtaining W.I.L. franchises.
Queried about the report last night, Patterson stated that he knew nothing of the trip as far as he was concerned. He did admit, however, that Abel was planning to make the trip to discuss possibilities with Edmonton and Calgary baseball men and that it was probable he wished another league official to accompany him. Patterson stated that Brown would likely make the trip with Abel.

WIL To Open Arms To Edmonton, Calgary
[Vancouver Province, Oct. 9, 1952]
Chances of Edmonton and Calgary placing entries in the Western International League baseball setup for 1953 are stronger today than they’ve ever been.
WIL President Robert Abel met with representatives from the two prairie cities in Calgary Wednesday, and he reported “they’re very interested.”
Abel met with John Ducey of Edmonton and Harold Cundal and Sad Sam Timmins of Calgary. Vancouver’s Bob Brown, originally slated to make the “missionary” trip, declined when Abel decided to fly.
The WIL prexy reported that the prairie men tendered to him a proposition regarding a 10-team setup and agreed to go along with “any reasonable terms” Abel might suggest.
Abel also said he has contacted all league members about the possible inclusion of the two Alberta cities, in the hope that their entries can be finalized when the WIL meets at Yakima, Nov. 10.

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