Monday, 10 March 2008

Tri-City Problems

Sports Notes
By Gil Gilmore

[Tri-City Herald, Oct. 9, 1952]
The move to buy the Tri-City Braves has hit several complicating snags and right now there is some doubt that the drive will be successful.
First of all were the legal complications. The Tri-City Booster Club board must first get permission to sell stock from Washington State Securities commission.
That process takes time and time is short. So far only a few thousand dollars have been collected.
Meanwhile, Dick Richards, majority stockholder in the club, has been dickering with the people of Eugene and they have shown definite enthusiasm to the idea of having Class A ball there.
Richards and the Booster Club board met last week and as was expected, Richards wanted to see the color of the money. Richards said the meeting was peaceful enough and they all shook hands when it was over.
But he says no cabbage, no franchise, and apparantly he is sticking by his price of $7,000 a share. The board has set another meeting for this week end if they have sufficient money to talk business then.

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