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What Dewey Do

Soriano Seeks Running Team
[Vancouver Province, Dec. 4, 1952]
A fast, running club, capable of playing “heady” baseball—that’s the type of team Dewey Soriano, the new general manager of the Capilanos, wants to put into Vancouver in 1953.
One of the players he has in mind doesn’t exactly fit the “fast” description, although there’s nothing wrong with his headwork. He’s Dewey Soriano, pitcher.
The big 32-year-old Seattleite told The Province Wednesday by long-distance phone from Phoenix, Arizona that if he can peel off about 25 pounds at spring training, he’s ready to give it another whirl on the mound. Right now, Soriano packs 235 pounds on his 6-foot, 3-in. frame, but he says his arms and legs feel all right.
“I’ll be able to tell you more about that after a week at camp,” he said. “But I told that Brenner here (Bill Brenner, his Lewiston counterpart) that if he can win 20 games, I should be able to take 30.
• • •
Dewey, who officially takes over his job as successor to the venerable but still frisky Bob Brown on Jan. 1, expects to visit Vancouver in a couple weeks.
He’s planning to stop off in California first to “look up some ball players I know who might help us.” Then of course he’ll check in at Seattle for a briefing from wife Alice (Seattle P.I. sports editor Royal Brougham’s daughter), 6-year-old son Gary, and 2-year-old daughter Patti.
In Seattle, too, he’ll confer with another new g.m., the Rainiers’ Leo Miller, on a choice for 1953’s manager.
“I like Edo Vanni,” said Soriano. “He’s a good hustler. But of course a lot of other people have to be consulted too.”
• • •
Dewey said that he was “quite happy about his own appointment, of course, but also with Brown’s acceptance of the WIL presidency.
Brown’s appointment, by the way, will be formalized right on his home grounds. The next meeting of the WIL is scheduled for Vancouver in January.

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