Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Wenatchee Deadline Moved

Chiefs Extend Money Drive; Past $16,000
WENATCHEE, Nov. 11—A drive by baseball fans to raise $20,000 to save their Wenatchee Western International League baseball franchise has been extended to November 26.
Al Libke, former Coast League and major league player, said the old deadline of November 12 was extended two weeks when it was found the team was $20,000 in the red rather than $16,000 as first determined.
Libke says the drive now has passed the $16,000 mark.
Meanwhile, general manager Frankie Dasso announced agreement is expected shortly with Mike McCormick, outfielder with the Pacific Coast League Portland Beavers, to serve as player-manager with the Chiefs in 1953.
Dasso and McCormick were also teammates with the Cincinnati Reds several seasons ago.

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