Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Tri-City Super Fan

Sports Notes
By Gil Gilmore

[Tri-City Herald, Dec. 19, 1952]
In the business world, bondholders are usually portrayed as characters walking around carrying a large pair of scissors for coupon clipping purposes.
But that can’t be said of the Tri-City Athletic Association bondholders. Harold Matheson, president of the association, related the other night of the late Henry Sanders, a bondholder for whom the Braves’ home field was named.
“We always had trouble paying interest on the bonds,” Matheson said, “and $600 was due to Sanders.”
“He wanted his $600 and we finally scraped it together and paid him. Then he turned around and wrote out a check for $1,000.”
Mr. Sanders’ generosity typified by that incident is one of the reasons why the Tri-Cities were able to have baseball here in the first place.
And he was not along in what amounted to giving so the area could have a Class A team.
Some of the others who have good-sized sums tied up with the club that could well be making money elsewhere are Harry Yager and Clarence (Hazy) Hayes, and Steve Johnson of Connell, and Fred Huber and Harry Owens of the Tri-Cities.

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