Thursday, 13 March 2008

Spokane, Tyees, Get Help From Big Leaguers

[Vancouver Province, March 3, 1953]
Spokane Indians of the Western International League have received six players on option, and another WIL club, Victoria Tyees, may get eight more under a proposed new agreement.
Spokane manager Don Osborn said Monday he’s getting five young pitchers and an infielder from Philadelphia Phillies. The Indians sold many of last year’s stars to make room for the expected Phillies farmhands.
The pitchers are “bonus baby” Raymond Coley, Laramie, Wyo.; Richard Desalso, San Francisco; Louis Schade, Tucson, Ariz.; Clyde Dewitt, Myrtle Creek, Ore.; and Gabriel Padilla, San Jose, Calif. The sixth member of the contingent is Albert Shalberg, and infielder from Las Vegas, Nev.
Tyee’s deal would be with the St. Louis Browns, general manager Reg Patterson said. Tony Robello, west coast scout of the Browns, has given him the names of some eight players who might be available for the Tyees, Patterson said.

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