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No. 1 Tri-City Fan

Fritz Bremmer Again Gives Ball Club Drive A Boost
[Tri-City Herald, Dec. 28, 1952]
If everyone in the Tri-Cities were as enthusiastically behind the ball club fund-raising drive as Fritz Bremmer of Kennewick, Mike Cronin's job would be over before it barely gets started.
Fritz has added four times his original investment to the Booster Club funds. Cronin received the letter Saturday.
Inside Fritz had written:
“Dear sir: Inclosed please find a check of ($400) four hundred dollars to help build funds to purchase baseball club for Tri-City area.”
Fred W. Bremmer
The fact that Fritz added to his original investment of $100 was no surprise to anyone. When the “Braves Most Loyal Fan” deposited his $100 with the Boosters the night tie club was formed, he said “If more is needed, you'll get it.”
More was needed, and still is, but Fritz lived up to his promise by giving the additional $400. It is true that $50 looks small against the total of $45,000 needed but it only takes 90 people like Fritz to put the drive across.
Or, if each of the present investors put in four times their original amounts, the drive would be over. There is more than $12,000 in the kitty now and that would total $60,000—enough to buy the club and field a strong team.
It is probably financially impossible for most of the original investors to follow Fritz's lead but urging four friends to invest will do just as well.
The money should be sent to Box 132, Kennewick, and checks should be made to the Tri-City Booster club.
While the Booster club drive continues, the Tri-City Athletic Association and the Booster club plan to interview Guy Fletcher, candidate for playing manager.
Fletcher is believed to be No. 1 choice for the job with Earl Johnson of Seattle as another top prospect. Fletcher is expected to arrive by auto from his Sacramento home today. Mike Radan, former business manager for Redding in the defunct Far Western League, and later business manager for Salem, is expected to accompany him.
The group making the selection and the two Sacramento candidates will meet Monday.
Meanwhile, it was learned that Johnson has indicated he would conduct both the playing and business managing of things if he is selected by the Tri-City group. However the association feels the jobs should be separate.
And another onetime candidate has informed the association that he will not be available for the Tri-City job. He is Eddo [sic] Vanni, last season’s manager for Vancouver. Vanni said [he] probably will again sign with Capilanos.

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