Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bob Snyder Leaves Vancouver

Snyder to Tri-City
KENNEWICK, Feb. 24—Bob Snyder, pitcher who won 14 and lost 13 for Vancouver last season will be signed soon by the Tri-City Braves if all goes well.
Snyder will be bought by the Tri-City Athletic association, owners of the Tri-City Braves, from Vancouver. Len Monheimer, general manager of the club, is expecting Snyder's papers today or Friday.
Snyder's acquisition will make two pitchers added to the Braves staff in the last two days. Monheimer signed Harold Burton Wright, 21, better known as Whitey Wright, who hails from Prosser, Wash.
The will bring the pitching staff almost up to full strength. The top brass is now dickering for another pitcher—a free agent—who was in the Arizona-Texas League last year.
As things stand now, Snyder rates No. l spot on the staff. He is well known around the WIL and is one of the stingiest pitchers in giving up walks.
By the end of September season, he struck out 104 batters in 233 innings pitched. However, he rated second in the wild pitch column. In the league listings, he rated one notch above Ralph Romero, Tri-City's No. 3 hurler last season.
Wright pitched from Prosser high and later for the Prosser town team. He won seven games and lost one not counting his playoff record last year. He has also played some Legion ball and was sought by Yakima.
Besides being an almost local boy, eagerness and strength are the chief recommendations for the rookie pitcher. He is 5-foot 9½ inches and weighs 170 pounds. He has been working recently at Gibbon in the railroad station there.
The hurler, who can also fill in the infield, bats and throw right.
After signing Wright, Monheimer said the current drive to buy the players is going good. He said more money is needed because some of the later acquisitions "won't come cheap."

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