Thursday, 13 March 2008

A Note on this Disjointed Page

The 1953 page is still under construction, so the pre-season stuff is not quite in order yet. Just to confuse you:
  • The March to April 1953 pre-season stuff is the earliest material on the blog.
  • The Sept. 1952 to Feb. 1953 pre-season stuff is the newest material on this blog.
  • The game stories for 1953 are still on the main blog. And they're not in order, either. They start with the May games and the April ones follow the September ones.
This is why I've eventually going to get it all in chronological order on one blog.

So, here's what you can look forward to. Now that February is done (see below), I will be carrying on with March. That means there will be new material .. I have 41 pages of text in my computer of WIL stuff from March to April '53 .. and the old March-April material already on the blog will be reposted so it's all in chronological order. Once that's done, I'll put the game stories here and take them off the main blog. So everything will be in one place, easily sorted by date.

It may take some time, so be patient.

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