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Will Tri-City Pick Edo?

Manager Choice Either Edo Vanni, Fernandez
Decision Expected Soon Now
[Tri-City Herald, Jan. 25, 1953]
The job of playing manager for the Tri-City Braves was still an open question Satruday night but the choice has boiled down to Eddo [sic] Vanni or Eddie Fernandez.
Vanni was manager last year for Vancouver. Fernandez comes with high recommendations from the Pioneer League where he was named manager of the year. He piloted the Pocatello club.
Members of the Tri-City Athletic association and the new general manager, Len Monheimer met Saturday and Saturday night out could not reach a decision.
Monheimer said, however, that one will be hired within the next two or three days. The board talked with Vanni Saturday and will interview Fernandez soon.
A good share of the choosing will fall on Monheimer. The new general manager is faced with a difficult problem. Vanni is a popular player with lots of color. He plays in the outfield and his Vancouver club finished second last season.
But Fernandez, a catcher, has a lot in his favor. He has consistently produced winning clubs in the Pioneer league and the press in that area praises him highly.
Pocatello was a St. Louis Brown farm club last year and Fernandez has major league connections. It is the hope of both Monheimer and the association board that they can establish such connections if not reach a working agreement with a major league club.

By Gil Gilmore [from Tri-City Herald, Jan. 25, 1953]
The new general manager of the Tri-City Braves is a man who looks like he should be playing on a pro basketball team. He is tall enough to do a guarding job on Houbrogs.
In his younger days, which aren't too far away since he is only 29, he jumped from the frying pan into the fire by going from sports writing to baseball managing. Being a man who has been in one position and in close contact with men in the other, I would hate to say which job carries the most troubles.
Monheimer did his sports writing for Los Angeles City College which he attended before going into baseball.
Monheimer considers the job here a “real challenge.” Getting the fans out will be a challenge in more ways than one. But he sees the good side, too.
Monheimer points out that there must be real baseball interest here or the Tri-Cities would not be able to raise the money to retain the club. “All of those people who bought stock will be boosters,” he said.
Among-the-many-things-I-didn't-know-before department—Calgary's entry in the Western International is really a re-entry into the league. In 1922 Calgary was a member of the Pacific Coast International League which the official Baseball Register says the WIL was "known as" in those days.
But let's hope history doesn't repeat, Calgary was leading that year with a .600 when on June 18 the league did an el foldo. Any oldtimer know the details? I was something over three months old at the time so all I have is the book.

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