Wednesday, 12 March 2008

WIL Will Meet at Vancouver

VANCOUVER, B.C., Jan. 13 — Schedules, increased transportation costs and umpiring will be on the agenda of the Western International Baseball League's annual meeting here Jan. 19-20.
President - elect Bob Brown of Vancouver said final plans for a split season remain to be ironed out. The first half will begin April 24 and finish early in July, with the second half carrying on from then to Sept. 7. The first and second half winners will meet in a best-of-seven series for a WIL plaque.
“The split season will particularly benefit the new teams in Edmonton and Calgary,” Brown said. “If they get off slowly in the early months, they will have a chance to build for a good shot at the second-half title. It is important to them, and the WIL,
that the Alberta cities perform creditably in their first season.”
Brown said transportation costs will be at least 35 per cent higher. Present plans call for a transportation pool, filled by each team contributing a portion of each home gate.

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