Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Wenatchee Needs Money

Wenatchee Okays WIL Franchise
WENATCHEE, Oct. 25, 1952—Wenatchee originally was one of two Western International Baseball League clubs to vote against the entry of Calgary and Edmonton into the circuit.
Club officials disclosed Friday they and Lewiston at first opposed the move because of the high transportation costs involved in travel to the two Canadian cities. Both clubs later changed their votes to go along with the rest of the league directors.
The added expense was the only reason Wenatchee opposed the move, general manager Frank Dasso said. The WIL formally approved entry of the two teams Thursday, making a 10-team league for 1953.
Dasso also announced the Wenatchee will be holding a fund-raising rally here Nov. 5. The club seeks money to pay off $16,000 in debts accumulated since 1950 and to raise additional $20,000 to start out next season. A Nov. 10 deadline has been set on raising the money.
He also said Chuck Aleno, former Seattle third-sacker and Julian Morgan, a pitcher with Tacoma in 1947, have applied for the Wenatchee playing-manager’s job, held last season by Dick Adams. The club is also dickering with Mike McCormick, former Cincinnati outfielder who played with Portland last year.
Dasso estimates it will cost each WIL team $1200 to make the long trip to play at Calgary and Edmonton. Wenatchee directors, he said figured it was “too much a gamble” if games should be washed out or otherwise cancelled in the two cities.

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