Thursday, 13 March 2008

Snyder Now Signed by Tri-City

Sports Notes
By Gil Gilmore [from Tri-City Herald, Feb. 26, 1953]
The papers on Bob Snyder, Vancouver pitcher bought by the Tri-City Braves, arrived late Wednesday and general manager Len Monheimer sayd "we paid a good price but we got a good man."
Dewey Soriano calls Snyder "my top man" and said the only reason Vancouver sold him was because "we have an abundance of top pitchers this year."
Be that as it may Dewey may have been putting out some sales talk but even so, the Braves got a top pitcher in Snyder—as some fans can testify after seeing him beat Tri-City last season.
Snyder was drafted by Memphis in the Southern Association last year. Memphis is a Chicago White Soc farm club. He was then sold to Vancouvere again—The reason undisclosed. When the season ended last year, he had a 14-14 record.
Probably the greatest asset is his high number of completions. He completed 22 games besides doing a relief role in numrerous others for a total of 240 innings. He struck out 106 batters and gave up 94 earned runs.
Snyder's 1951 season was his best. He won 27 games and lose seven for a percentage of .794. He pitched 31 complete games that year and a total of 303 innings. He struck out 146.
The negotiations for Snyder were started by Edo Vanni and completed by Monheimer. Snyder was one of the pitchers Vanni hoped to sign when he came here.
The purchase of Snyder fills one of the gaps in the Tri-City roster but about two more pitchers of almost equal caliber are needed. The price will come high—which means more stock will have to be sold. There is roughly about $10,000 available.

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