Thursday, 13 March 2008

Rocky to the Rockies

Rocky in the Foothills
[Salisbury Times, Salisbury, Md., Feb. 27, 1953]
Thought we had a scoop in the mail bag. A piece of correspondence comes from Rocky Tedesco, but the letter head was stamped with a New York Giants label. We remember him last owned by the Brooklyn Dodgers.
But it seems last year's Lancaster third baseman is "vacationing" at Melbourne, Fla., where the Giants farm clubs train. Rocky is doing a bit more than resting for he's an "extra" in a movie down there for $10 a day . . . Now he's seeking a speaking part, which naturally pays more dough . . . They gave him a crack at one line and what do you think he has to say?
This will floor you! His line is: "Throw that ball in there, you bum." A little bit of expression and Rocky is promised a larger speaking part, so he says.
Tedesco, by the way, is out of the Brooklyn organization . . . His contract, Rocky explains, was bought by Calgary of the Western International (A) League club.

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