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Pre-Season, Wednesday, April 15, 1953

Soriano Dickers With Suds

[Vancouver Province, April 16, 1953]
HEALDSBURG, Calif.—Dewey Soriano, general manager of the Vancouver Caps, beat his team out of Healdsburg by one day Wednesday. He’s going to Seattle in an effort to make the Caps the team to beat.
The Caps [unreadable] with Seattle Rainiers general manager [unreadable] to solve his two main problems, catching and the outfield.
“I feel we’ve got a real good team otherwise,” said Dewey before he pulled out. “We’ll be getting awfully rough if I get what I want.”
He’s willing to settle for catchers Claude Christie or Don Lundberg, outfielders K. Chorlton or Gordie Brunswick and pitcher Tom Lovrich, if the Rainiers are so inclined.
Meanwhile, the present version of the 1953 Caps is still winning. The club made it eight in a row, and 12 out of 13 exhibition starts with a double victory over Victoria here. Scores were 2-1 in a nine-inning game scheduled for seven, and 4-2 in the short one.
Bud Guldborg went all the way in the first game, which Jim Wert won in the ninth with a long double the Victoria outfield didn’t even bother to chase.
Dale Thomason and Van Fletcher divided the pitching chores in the second and both threw harder than they had before this spring. Thomason allowed six hits in four innings. Fletcher just one on the rest of the route.
First Game
Victoria ........ 000 010 000—1 10 5
Vancouver .... 001 000 001—2 8 1
Hopp, Hodges (6) and Marin; Guldborg and Johnson.
Second Game
Victoria ........ 002 000 0—2 7 1
Vancouver .... 000 220 x—4 11 1
Abernathy, Williams (5) and Brussa; Thomasson, Fletcher (3) and Johnson.

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