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No Donkeys for Edo

Vanni, Monheimer Work To Line Up Team
[Tri-City Herald, Fri. Feb. 13, 1953]
Edo Vanni, new manager for the for the Tri-City Braves, drifted into the Tri-Cities Thursday, signed his contract and then got down to work with general manager Len Monheimer making plans for the coming season.
Two things confront the Braves bosses:
1. Selection of a spring training site.
2. The purchase of good players without too much money to do the buying.
Both men said they have several prospects lined up but because of the competitive situation, they cannot reveal their names.
Vanni also revealed that he had stopped off at Yakima on the way over here and the Bears boss offered him three players for Des Charouhas.
Vanni said, “No deal.”
“I don't want to be run out of town before I even start here,” he said Thursday. “Those guys were donkeys.”
Finances will be the determining factor in both their problems. Vanni indicated the Braves will train near home to save money.
The purchase of players will depend a lot upon the drive to raise money which is still going on in the Tri-Cities.
Leaders in the drive report the money is still coming in although at a reduced rate of flow. The present goal is $10,000 above the $32,000 collected and used to pay league fees and purchase the club.

Sports Notes
By Gil Gilmour

[from Tri-City Herald, Feb. 13, 1953]
Players and spring training are the top topics being discussed at the Sanders Field office these days. The two men doing the talking arc Edo Vanni, playing manager and Len Monheimer, business manager of the Tri-City Braves.
Vanni breezed in unexpectedly Wednesday because he felt he should get over here and get the ball rolling. The two managers are talking to a lot of prospects but they are keeping identities secret. The reason—other clubs want players, too.
Also, as Vanni says, “I have ideas on who I want and Len has ideas on who he wants so by gelling together, we talk it over and then reach a decision.”
Another knotty problem confronting them is spring training. No site has been selected but the chances are the team will stay close to home. Vanni says, “I want a real training period but we don't want to spend a lot of money that could be used to buy players.”
Another thing which may lead to home training is the decision of Spokane to do so. Spokane had decided about a month ago to train at home but Roy Hotchkiss made a jaunt south just to check up for sure. Now his decision is definite. The Indians' alternative is the weather is bad at Spokane is to train at Sunnyside.
The Braves may have a couple of contract holdouts on the rosier. Vic Buccola and Nick Pesut are said to be reluctant to sign again.
Vic, it seems, would like to play in the California league where he will be close to home. Nick's reasons are unknown but more money may be the answer.

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