Wednesday, 12 March 2008

How About Stampeders?

Calgary Ball Club to Be Known As Stamps, Natch!
CALGARY, Jan. 8—(CP)—A brand new herd of Stampeders has been added to the fold.
Norman (Bus) Lacey, president of the Calgary club in the Class A Western International Baseball League, has announced that club officials had decided to name their club the Stampeders.
“The hockey and football Stampeders have made Calgary famous in past years and we thought it only right to carry the name into our baseball enterprises,” said Lacey.
The club president added that the name had a certain advertising value in parts of the United States where the baseball club will be playing next summer.
“We thought the name would also be of value to our annual Stampede because so many people from Oregon and other adjoining states came to Calgary in force at that time of the year.”

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