Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Edo Vanni-shes (Officially)

Vanni, R. Tran Depart

[Vancouver Province, Friday, Jan. 23, 1953]
All the Caps’ baseball brass will have a bright new polish this summer.
The “new deal” at the stadium, which started when Bob Brown took over as WIL president and Dewey Soriano replaced him as general manager, is going to extend right down to the Caps’ player-coach ranks.
Soriano today confirmed the not too well kept secret that Edo Vanni won’t be back in ’53 as team manager, and announced that veteran Ray Tran, “assistant manager” in 1952, has been sold to Tri-City.
With Tommy English taking over as head man at the sponsoring brewery and replacing N.C.K. (Chuck) Wills as baseball club president, that completes the sweep job in the locals’ executive branch.
Vanni was given his release, Soriano said, and may possibly catch on at Tri-City as manager or with Yakima in some capacity. Tran, shortstop and third baseman, went to the Braves as a player-coach.
Soriano also disclosed that Jim Hedgecock, out of baseball last summer, is feeling the urge again, and has written that he’s interested in reporting this spring. The clever southpaw was obtained last spring after he won 14 and lost 11 with the seventh-place Victoria team in 1951.

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