Thursday, 13 March 2008

Day-Time in Edmonton

Leon Day To Edmonton
EDMONTON, Feb. 20 — Purchase from St. Louis Browns of Leon Day, 28-year-old Negro righthander, was announced Friday by John Ducey, general manager of Edmonton Eskimos of the Western International Baseball League.
Day, whose home in Newark, N.J., was with Scranton of the class A Eastern League last year.
He won 13 and lost nine. Ducey said the purchase was made through Toronto Maple Leafs of the International League.

Contracts Are All Set
KENNEWICK, Feb. 20—The 18 Tri-City players will get their contracts any day now.
Len Monheimer said today the pacts have been drawn up and will be put in the mail today or tomorrow. The contracts are being sent by registered mail.
Those on the Tri-City roster who will be getting them are:
Vic Buccola, first baseman, Sacramento; Des Charouhas, outfielder, Seattle; Marion Hill, pitcher, St. Louis, Mo.; Bill Kostenbader, pitcher, Kennewick; Glen Lewis, catcher, Tulare, Cal.; Don Lopes, shortstop, San Jose, Cal.; Tommy Marier, third baseman, Pullman, Wash.; James Moore, pitcher, Compton, Cal.; Nick Pesut, catcher, Sacramento; William Rogers, outfielder, Santa Rosa, Cal.; Joe Scalise, outfielder, Philadelphia; William (Ray) Tran, infielder, Anaheim, Cal.; William Whyte, pitcher, Vancouver, B. C.

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