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Wednesday, August 26, 1953

W L Pct. GB
Spokane ..... 37 25 .597 —
Lewiston .... 34 23 .596 ½
Salem ....... 33 25 .589 2
Edmonton .... 29 28 .509 5½
Vancouver ... 32 31 .508 5½
Yakima ...... 28 30 .483 7
Calgary ..... 27 29 .482 7
Wenatchee ... 25 33 .431 10
Victoria .... 26 35 .426 11
Tri-City .... 25 35 .417 11½
AP has different standings for Vic

YAKIMA — The Spokane Indians defeated the Yakima Bears, 7-5, in a Western International League baseball game Wednesday night before a scant 194 paying customers and took a one percentage point lead over rain-idled Lewiston for the league lead.
Ralph Romero of Spokane was kayoed by Yakima for the third time this season, and for the third time escaped a loss when Bob Nemes replaced him during a four-run second inning. Romero issued seven passes before he was lifted for Nemes, who went the rest of the way for the win.
Spokane .............. 200 120 101—7 14 3
Yakima ................ 040 010 000—5 3 2
Romero, Nemes (2) and Sheets, Ogle (8), Townsend and Albini.

KENNEWICK — Tri-City bunched seven hits in one inning Wednesday night to defeat the Calgary Stampeders, 8-6, in a Western International League baseball.
Although giving up 16 hits, Don Robertson racked up the victory for the Braves. He did not issue a walk and struck out eight, who of the whiffs ending with runners in scoring position.
Calgary .......... 000 030 003—6 16 2
Tri-City .......... 016 000 10x—8 11 2
Kapp, Stites (3) and Bricker; Robertson and Warren.

VANCOUVER [Keith Matthews, News-Herald, Aug. 27]—It has been 33 innings, or four days, since the Capilanos last scored a run—and if you will, professor, this one might be otherwise entitled “how bad can a drought get?”
The Capilanos went down to their sixth straight baseball defeat Wednesday, 1-0, when Van Fletcher was out-duelled by Bob Drilling, who managed to befuddle the Capilano “hitters” in much the same way as they have been this past while.
Way back on Saturday, when the Caps were in Calgary playing the second game of a double-header, Vancouver scored a run. Little did the boys know it, but the game should have been stopped right there. Somebody should have brought out the champagne, the hors-de-ovres and what not because it was a great moment. Who know? The Caps may never score a run again.
Fletcher pitched magnificently, even in losing his No. 11. For five and two-thirds innings he had a no-hitter and he only lost it when Frank Mascaro misjudged a fly ball which appeared to be just another easy out. The Tyees went on from there to score an eighth inning run which stood up as big as Mount Everest as the Caps failed away, but appeared to be using magazine covers instead of baseball bats.
Nobody has quite seen the like of it before. Way back in May, this would have been accepted as just another one of those things, because the club at that time was just that impossible at the plate. Now, a new gang has been brought in, a bunch which has been levelling the WIL with its power and its timeliness of hitting. It just happens that they need runs right now more than they ever have, and that alone could be the reason why they aren’t getting them.
The club looks “tight,” over-anxious and under pressure at all times. They are bungling easy chances to score because they seem to be trying to hit the ball out of the park instead of out of the infield. It is a habit which comes with every slump, but it happens that it couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time.
Fortunately the Caps get a day’s rest today prior to their trip to Salem and an important five-game series with the Senators. It is a must now that the Caps take at least four of these games to stay in the fight for the second-half championship, because there are only 17 left on the schedule and each one is getting more important than its predecessor.
Lonnie Myers, the young fireballer, will pitch the opener for the Caps Friday night.
Victoria ............... 000 000 010—1 5 0
Vancouver ........... 000 000 000—0 6 1
Drilling and Harford; Fletcher, Myers (9) and Duretto.

SALEM — Salem edged Edmonton, 4-3, here Wednesday night after the Canadian team had won the first game of a Western International League double-header, 1-0.
In a duel of two of the loop's top winners, Gene Roenspie posted his 17th win against only three losses in the night game, defeating John Conant, who drops to 22 and 11.
First Game
Edmonton ............ 000 010 0—1 7 0
Salem ................. 000 000 0—0 3 0
McNulty and Morgan, Dahle and Nelson.
Second Game
Edmonton ............ 011 000 100—3 9 0
Salem ................. 010 101 10x—4 10 2
Conant and Morgan; Roenspie and Masterson.

Lewiston at Wenatchee cancelled, rain.

Williams Gets Bucks to Leave Broncos
LEWISTON, Aug. 26—The Lewiston Broncs have lost the services of slugging outfielder Bob Williams for their last nine road games of the season.
Williams, who had been batting .376, has been forced to leave the club today to start on his job a football coach at Lewiston High School.

Chiefs Threatened With Eviction
WENATCHEE, Wash., Aug. 27—The Wenatchee Chiefs of the Western International League had an ultimatum from their landlord Wednesday: "Pay the rent or we'll lock up the ball park."
Mayor Si Simenson said the Chiefs owe an estimated $2,000 in back rent for use of city-owned Recreation Park. He called on the club to do something about it at next week's city commission meeting — or else.
"If no one shows up at the meeting," the mayor said, "we'll lock up the park and there'll be no baseball played that week."
Frank Dasso, general manager of the eighth-place Chiefs, said he'll show up and try to work something out. He suggested that park improvements made by the club be applied against rent.
The rental figure is based partly on attendance which hasn't been too good. Simenson asked for an official accounting. He said the club was sent two letters asking for a report on July attendance but that the city got no reply.
The Chiefs end their home schedule Sept. 3, 4, 5 and 6 against Yakima.

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